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Community Dental’s Customer Testimonials

Our goal is to provide each and every patient with the very best dental care in the most supportive and nurturing manner possible. For starters, our office has a friendly, clean atmosphere that will immediately put you at ease. Our professional staff will then help you feel welcome and comfortable as we strive to provide the highest standard of personalized dental care in the most gentle and efficient way possible. We want you to enjoy a happy, beautiful smile your entire life. And we’d like to see that smile while you’re still in our office.

You don’t have to just take our word for it though. Read below to see what some of our patients are saying.

“Prior to seeing Dr. York, I last visited a dentist 6 years ago. Fear was the main reason I avoided dental care. I had trouble eating, was in constant pain and I would not smile. Dr. York and her staff are very professional, nice and care deeply for their patients. After the care I received I no longer have any fear and look forward to the seeing the Community Dental team every 6 months.”

“Dr. York and her staff made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in. They came up with a plan for me with pain-free procedures. I am blessed to have found a dentist office that exceeded my expectations. Today I have a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. I just want to say thanks for being so wonderful at what you all do so well.”

“They make you feel at home. They care about the patient and the family needs. Everything was explained in detail about the procedure and what to expect. The care and concern begins the moment the phone is picked up to make the appointment until the time the procedures have been completed. We are very satisfied with the Community Dental team.”

“From the beginning, the ENTIRE staff was sensitive and caring. Lewis cleaned my teeth and he was so genuinely nice and gentle. Dr. York and Alisha handled my root canal and fillings the next day. I went from panic attacks and tears of fear to feeling comfortable and safe. And NO PAIN! They let my husband sit with me until the procedure started and never once did anyone speak in a condescending way. I am ready for the 2 bridges I need and I think I can do it with just nitrous this time! Thank you!”

“Dr. York is very involved in giving the patient a less stressful event. Her caring and gentle attitude help you get through this fearful process. Sedation was wonderful! I went to sleep and woke up without any knowledge of pain!”

“One year prior to seeing Dr. York, they couldn’t do anything for me. Prior to 1 year, it was almost 10 years. I have great teeth, I just hadn’t been taking care of them properly. I had receding gums from lack of regular cleaning and had 2 broken back teeth. I am deathly afraid of dentists, but after seeing Dr. York, everything is on the right track with my teeth and my dental health in general. I am now able to get my regular cleanings without any pain or drugs!”

“Before I came to Dr. York’s office, I was terrified of the dentist and refused to go for treatment even though I was having difficulties chewing on both sides of my mouth. I finally decided to go to a dentist closer to my home but when I found out that I had gum disease, the dentist actually referred me to Dr. York for which I am thankful. The first appointment that I had with Dr. York left me feeling more secure and comfortable with the procedure and cleaning that I was going to have to endure. I was still scared on the day of the appointment but Dr. York and her dental assistants worked to keep me calm until I was sedated. The next thing I knew I was awake and it was all over. The best part was I didn’t remember anything and was virtually pain-free from the procedure. I have now had my first check-up since then and the experience was painless and quick. As a matter of fact, I have been so impressed that my entire family has left our other dentist and happily drive 45 minutes to see Dr. York.”

We Want to See Your Beautiful Smiles